Don't let baseball season drive you and your fiancee apart! Here are some tips for having the both of best worlds.
  1. Remind her of the increasing celebrity angle to sports. With celeb/sports marriages like Posh and David Beckham and Eva and Tony Parker, each play-by-play is potential Perez Hilton fodder. By tapping her into all the glamor and gossip that surrounds the sports world, she"ll warm up to being one of the Baseballer"s Wives in no time!
  2. Use your fantasy baseball earnings towards the wedding. This will help her see your fantasy league less as a fratty hobby, and more as a side job (which she should give you absolute peace and quiet to concentrate on). Once you can afford to upgrade the reception menu to three courses or finally buy those groomsmen gifts she"s been pestering you about, she"ll be much forgiving about a little internet "investment".
  3. A league of her own. Hook her up with the ever-famous Celebrity League so she can understand the thrill of the bracket first hand. You two can spend many happy hours hunkered over your laptops on the couch, and the tension will totally dissipate.
  4. Keep a separate browser window open so that when you hear her come in the room, you can quickly change your screen from your fantasy scores to perusing the groomsmen gifts right here at Groomstand. We"ve got your back, buddy!
  5. Propose to her on the big screen at the ballpark. With one swift move, a stinky old stadium quickly turns into Syour spot. She"ll be so mushy she won"t even mind when you spring on engraved baseball bats as groomsmen gifts. If you don"t think she"s the type to be wowed by a sports proposal, remind her of the scene from Legally Blonde 2 When Elle and Emmett plan to wed on the baseball field via a Srecently ordained umpire. Even the girliest girl will not be able to fall for this fool-proof logic.
  6. Bring your bride-to-be an entourage of baseball comforts. A cute baseball hat, a comfy pillow to sit on, and a nice cashmere blanket will make her feel like royalty and nix all the complaints about the Spartan conditions of the baseball stadium. Your pals may be thrilled with the ankle flasks you bought them as groomsmen gifts, but women need a little more luxury to enjoy a lengthy sporting event.
  7. Be attentive when you are in the wedding planning. When you are out cake tasting and band auditioning, don"t check your Iphone every five minutes to see your stats. Setting these limits and being attentive when it"s important to her will go a long way to keeping the peace during this prime sports season.
  8. If all of this fails, get her her own season tickets to something she enjoys, preferably something as long as a baseball game: opera, ballet, four-course dinner club, and just agree that opposites attract. It"s a slippery slope from dugout to doghouse, so follow these foolproof rules and you won"t need to worry about keeping the tags on your groomsmen gifts.