The Dowry Demander.This guy must have come up short when it came time to buy groomsmen gifts. An unnamed Patalia man demanded a large financial compensation from the bride's family when he arrived at his wedding procession, as payment for marrying their daughter. Not amused, the bride's family called the police and the man went to jail, forfeiting any future groom or groomsmen gifts in favor of a cold cell. But wait, there's more! Before he was locked up, the bride's family beat up the groom and his entire wedding party, a la Kill Bill Volume 2. The most amazing part is, this groom was a doctor, perfectly capable of buying his own tuxedo, groomsmen gifts and springing for a fancy honeymoon for his future wifey. Instead, this cheapskate went from lovebird to jailbird in record time. Shame!

The Gargantuan Gown Giver. Not sure how this dude had any money left over for groomsmen gifts, considering he bought his bride-to-be a 200.8 meter-long wedding gown. It's true! In Guangzhou, an Olympic enthusiast groom showed his spirit for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games by having a 200.8 meter gown made for his bride. With a dress that weighs 100 kg., this guy better be buying his groomsmen free weights as groomsmen gifts just to heave his lady love down the aisle.

The Corpse Groom. Can any amount of groomsmen gifts repay asking your groomsmen to double as pallbearers? That's exactly what happened in a couple's recent Halloween-themed wedding. The couple married at a haunted house and the groom made his entrance in a hearse. The ceremony began with the groom emerging from a coffin carried by six pall-bearers. Groomsmen gifts? More like ghoulsman gifts!

Mr. Maiden Name. Rather than thinking about groomsmen gifts on his big day, this guy was thinking about gender roles. A forward-thinking groom showed his feminist side by taking his wife's name after marriage. His reason? He figured it was better to change his name than have his wife and her three children all change theirs. Hopefully he'll give The Feminine Mystique as groomsmen gifts, and men with maiden names can become a giant trend!