Tux fittings, toasts, and tear-free goodbyes-a groomsman has a lot of tough responsibilities to live up to during the wedding process. Below, we've listed a few carefree groomsmen gifts to help lighten the load. Remember, a few well-timed groomsmen gifts can help your guys focus on the fun parts of the wedding-like bachelor's weekends on the green or stag night in another country.

  1. Personalized Silver Blade Putter. After a tough day at another stuffy wedding function, put a grin on your friends' faces with some surprise groomsmen gifts: personalized silver blade putters. These professional putters feature handcrafted hickory shafts and a stepped toe-heel zinc header for can't-miss accuracy. For bonus points with the boys, suggest blowing off the co-ed shower early to get these groomsmen gifts out on the green. Don't forget to personalize your groomsmen gifts with a free message like "Tiger's got nothin' on my best man."

  2. Personalized Hip Flask. And if the lethal glare of your bride means you can't sneak out of the stuffy wedding shower early, there's always a plan B. Break out the essential groomsmen gifts needed to survive the tearful toasts and tedious small talk: personalized hip flasks. With smooth stainless steel and a pocket-friendly fit, these groomsmen gifts mean the party just got a whole lot better. Your guys can have a blast drinking on the porch while cat-calling bridesmaids, single cousins, and, by nightfall, your eighty-year-old Aunt Zelda. Hey, beer goggles are a small price to pay for such stellar groomsmen gifts.

  3. Professional Poker Set. Any groom knows, just because you're getting married doesn't mean boys' night is a thing of the past. Giving your buddies professional poker sets as groomsmen gifts is a great way to let your friends know there are many guys' nights to come. Whether you break these groomsmen gifts out for the bachelor party or just set up a regular game, these poker set sends a clear message: the wedding party may end, but the party continues.

  4. Leather Passport Case. Craving a "Cancun, Baby" moment for your bachelor party? Convince the guys to cut out of work and withdraw some emergency funds fast when you give these stylish leather passport cases as groomsmen gifts. A sturdy case like this ensures that no matter how obliterated you get at the party, you will still get back on the plan safely. And, like all of the greatest groomsmen gifts, these passport cases ensure many great bachelor reunions after the wedding is over.

  5. Last Night of Freedom Crew T-shirt. You're getting married to your one and only woman, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use your engaged status to help your friends score with ladies. Buying these "Last Night of Freedom Crew" t-shirts as groomsmen gifts sends the perfect "I'm taken, they're not" message to all the single women in the bar that night. Groomsmen gifts like these guarantee attention for your guys and also pave the way for "the phone number game" and other sly come-ons. Best of all, these brilliant groomsmen gifts have been known to get guys into bars free-unheard of!