Let's face it - there are some things your groomsmen could have that would just make your life easier. Whether that's by moving poker nights to someone else's house once a month or by knowing you'll have a clean glass to drink out of when you go to his bachelor pad to watch the game, why not take this opportunity to get him groomsmen gifts that you can use, and that you know he'll appreciate too?

Not that you mind having poker night at your house a few times a month, but once in awhile it would be nice to hang out at someone else's apartment and eat chips and dip that you didn't have to purchase in bulk yourself. Most of the other guys have poker sets of their own, so get the last remaining holdouts groomsmen gifts of Professional Poker Sets, and tell them to get their basements ready and stock up on Ruffles.

Some of your younger groomsmen might be still in the awkward transitional period between college and adulthood, dorm room and independent living space. While that's great for when you have the urge to hang out, play Xbox, and drink beer, it still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usable furniture (seating options: milk crates, the floor) and sustainable living space. Next time you come over, at least be reassured that you'll have a clean glass to drink out of with groomsmen gifts of this set of four Personalized Drinking Glasses.

Bring some class to his living room and get the condensation off your palms with this set of four Personalized Leather Can Caddies as groomsmen gifts. They're great whether you're having a beer while watching the game or chugging a soda in the hot summer sun, and the leather easily classes up even the most slovenly living space. Now all you have to do is get him a new couch for Christmas and the living room might be halfway presentable.

Is his idea of B.Y.O.B. more sit there and drink all of yours? Make sure he's well-prepared for the next barbecue with a Personalized Travel Cooler ready to be stocked with Milwaukee's finest. With groomsmen gifts like this, he'll have no excuse but to carry in a six pack or two, even if you still can't convince him to upgrade from Pabst to Stella. It's lightweight, too, so he'll have no excuse not to haul it to the next shindig.

If his low-rent golf clubs just happen to keep getting mixed up with your top-quality woods and irons, at least make sure he's not "accidentally" using your putter by getting him a Personalized Silver Blade Putter of his own. It's best to give your groomsmen gifts they'll use, and if they're using those gifts instead of thieving yours again, we think everyone wins. Now if only you could get him to give back your vintage Playboy collection...