By Jason Ramsey

You remember the show? Who doesn't! That guy could make anything out of anything and end up saving the day. It was truly amazing. While the show was a long time ago, it just came up in conversation when the boys and I were sitting around drinking some beers and chatting about the upcoming bachelor party. I'm not even sure how we got on the topic of MacGyver when we were just talking about Vegas, but regardless it spawned an idea. What guy doesn't want to be able to do what MacGyver did? Every guy wants to be the hero and my groomsmen are no different. While they were all talking away, I started to do what my wife to be, Jenny, told me I was supposed to do a month ago, pick out some groomsmen gifts for my boys... at least in my head. I have a bit of an advantage because I use to work for a certain company (Swiss Army) that has all the tools that would have made MacGyver's life so much easier. I still keep up with all the new products, which happens when you've been with a company for a long time. So keeping with the MacGyver theme I'm going to get each of my boys something from Swiss Army, hell, maybe even something for me as well.

For Art, who is a self-made millionaire, I'll get the Swiss Army Money Clip. Like most guys with lots of money, Art loves to carry around cash, so what better gift than a money clip that can both show off his cash and get him out of a jam like a hang nail or loose thread if need be.

Michael has always been the picky one in the group. He loves the finer things in life, especially when it comes to accessories (pens, wallets, watches, etc.). So for a guy like Michael, what better groomsmen gift than the Swiss Army Classic Sterling Silver Swirl. I mean this knife is beautiful, top of the line! You take this knife out and people know you mean business.

Sal is another story and I'm a bit split on what to get him. He's always into trying lots of new businesses and adventures, although lately he's thrown his heart into stand up comedy - he' s pretty damn good too. He's also doing a little writing on the side as well. Since I'm split and I know he loves to write, I'm going with the Swiss Army-Fisher Pen Gift Set. This one is awesome! It has the Swiss Army Classic Knife and the unbelievable Fisher Space Pen (this pen was actually tested in space and can write upside down) all in a beautiful Swiss Army metal gift box, he'll love it and if he's ever feeling inspired to write in bed, upside down of course, the Fisher Space Pen will work just fine.

Last but not least, my boy Howard is the easiest. Just last week he and I were perusing the aisles of Sports Chalet looking for some cool sunglasses when we came across the Swiss Army display. Since Howard is clearly aware of my affinity for the latest Swiss Army trends we decided to stop and see what was new. I remember Howard was all over the Swiss Army Alox Ribbed Knife. He said it was exactly like the one he had to dispose of when he forgot to take it off his key chain prior to going through airport security right after 9/11.

All of a sudden, Michael asks in a loud voice, "Is it going to be Crazy Horse or Spearmint Rhino when we go to Vegas?" Nothing like the mention of a strip club to throw you out of your thought process. Nevertheless, come Monday, I'm going online to order my boys their gifts before it's too late.