A guy doesn't have to be a geek to have an appreciation for Superman - it's practically prerequisite for any guy who's ever picked up a comic book or even just gone to the movies. In these days of comic book flicks making big bucks you'd be hard-pressed to find a guy who doesn't have a favorite superhero, so why not mine that info for ideas for groomsmen gifts? Okay, we can't quite manage groomsmen gifts to make your groomsmen leap tall buildings in the single bound, but if you're stuck for ideas for groomsmen gifts for your buddies, take a cue from the following superheroes:

Superman: Guys who like Superman tend to appreciate other classics, too, so go for good old all-American groomsmen gifts like flasks or other engraved glassware. Sure, the Man of Steel wasn't much of a drinker, but who needs to be when you can circumnavigate the globe faster than the speed of light? Exactly.

Batman: The Dark Knight is not the friendliest of vigilante superheroes, but he does pretty much win for the coolest gear. If you can't compete with a Batmobile, go for groomsmen gifts that'll give him Bruce Wayne levels of cool, like sleek initialed cufflinks, or the kind of groomsmen gifts you only give to a guy who has everything, like the No. 1 Flyswatter.

Spider-man: This web-crawler is known more for his geeky alter-ego and red and blue suit than anything, so give the underappreciated struggling superhero you know something nice to class up his look in his off hours with groomsmen gifts of a nice tie or picking up his tuxedo rental for the wedding. You'll want to skip groomsmen gifts of money clips or wallets, too - come on, don't mock him.

Wolverine: Groomsmen gifts of a shaving kit would probably be lost on this guy, and you don't really want to further arm a guy with a temper, so we say skip out on adding to his collection of knives. What to get him, then? Well, appeal to his tough-guy exterior by combining what are undoubtedly two of this favorite things with groomsmen gifts of the Stainless Steel & Leather Flask with Cigar Holder.