By Jason Ramzi

There was a day when you'd search for cufflinks in the men's accessories section of a department store and you'd be lucky to find one or two styles... and they usually had dust all over them! Cufflinks were the afterthought of men's fashion. These days, when taking a walk through the men's accessories department, the cufflinks have been dusted off and are displayed front and center. This shift is primarily thanks to the resurgence of the French Cuff Shirt which has become so popular and must be worn with cufflinks. We, on the other hand, have always believed in the fashion value of a nice classic pair of cufflinks. They are more than just a fashion statement, they are a sophisticated way of finishing off a look. This, of course, rings even more true when it comes to outfitting your groomsmen for your wedding.

Cufflinks make the perfect groomsmen gift, but it is also important to keep their fashion style post-wedding in mind. After all, your groomsmen may wear them well beyond the wedding, possibly to the boardroom or for a hot night out on the town. Some purchasing tips to keep in mind if your groomsmen are more of the conservative types, we recommend the classic round silver cufflinks, which can be monogrammed. These cufflinks look smashing with a crisp white French Cuff Shirt. If your groomsmen are a bit more fashion daring, then you might consider breaking from the traditional round cufflink to an oval design, available in both high polished silver and brushed silver, or you might consider a square design in silver or high polished brass. Now if your groomsmen really like to step out on the edge of fashion, complement their efforts with two of our more funky cufflink designs. First, the Marlon Brushed Cufflink. It's rectangular shape and slotted sides give it a completely untraditional, fashion forward look. This is the cufflink they'll wear with a bold colored shirt (not at your wedding of course). Another option is the typewriter cufflink still funky, but with a more vintage feel. These cufflinks are made with genuine keys from the typewriters of yesteryear (you do remember what a typewriter is, don't you?). Need a shift key or an @ key? How about the B and R keys for his initials? These cufflinks are definitely show stoppers and are sure to get the attention of everybody who sees them. All we can say is if you plan on getting the typewriter cufflinks for your groomsmen, you'd better get yourself a pair so they don't end up showing you up at your own wedding.

Whether traditional, edgy or funky you can't go wrong with a great pair of cufflinks!