You've heard of zodiac signs of course, though some prefer Chinese astrology. Others claim coffee drinks are the new astrological sign. Well, we are here to illuminate you to a new kind of sign, one that can shed quite a bit of light on your personality and the personality of your friends. These powerful groomsmen gifts provide an inner window into your buddy's soul-or at least some cool decoration while he and his pals drink up.

The Tiki Sign: You are happy- go-lucky, fun-loving, and a party animal. A sucker for tropical climates, you are always the first to scream "Cabo, Baby!" and haven't given up the notion of "spring break" despite the fact that you are 42. This groomsmen gift will look perfect inside your tropical-themed bar, right next to your aquarium and hula girl bobble heads.

Your drink: Blue Hawaiian.

The Dugout Sign: A true baller, you are sporty and adventurous, a team player with a true competitive streak. You are never happier then when catching a fly or hitting a homerun. This groomsmen gift will look perfect in your personal sports bar, where ESPN is always on and your fantasy league rosters are always posted.

Your drink: Budweiser, with a side of peanuts.

The Saloon Sign: You are earthy, masculine, wisecracking and outdoorsy. You grew up playing cowboys and Indians and your favorite movies are Cool Hand Luke and Goodfellas. This groomsmen gift will look perfect in your own home saloon, next to your mounted steer heads and right above the mechanical bull.

Your drink: Jack Daniels

The Irish Sign: You are lucky, feisty and passionate, both a lover and a fighter. You're a man who enjoys a hearty stew and a good drinking song. This groomsmen gift will look perfect in your own little pub, next to the U2 poster and your framed "Kiss me, I'm Irish" T-shirt.

Your drink: Guinness, what else?

The Garage Sign: You are industrious, thoughtful, dexterous and dedicated. You love Home Improvement and believe anything store bought can be recreated in your personal workshop. This groomsmen gift will look great in your garage, among your restored cars and many tools.

Your drink: A Screwdriver