The way you see it, your groomsmen should be thanking you, really - with your Las Vegas destination wedding, you're basically giving them an easy excuse to hop a cheap flight to Vegas and gamble and drink all weekend. In some smaller suburbs, that qualifies for humanitarian status! Still, just because you're inviting them along for what's basically a weekend-long party, it doesn't mean you get to shortchange your boys on groomsmen gifts. Keep it in theme with this handy list of the best groomsmen gifts to go with your Las Vegas wedding.

If your groomsmen are gamblers, you've pretty much just invited them to paradise. If you're worried you might have to pry them away from the poker tables with a crowbar just to get them to stand up with you at the ceremony, curtail any addiction with groomsmen gifts of the Professional Poker Set and promises that you'll get a guys' poker night going once the knot is tied and you're back home. You should probably pick up a set for yourself, too - after all, everyone has to take their turn hosting, and you can work it out with the new wife so she gets her girls' night out the same evening.

Immortalize the winning hand with groomsmen gifts of this Personalized Poker Design Cigar Humidors as groomsmen gifts. Great for the gambler or for the cigar aficionado and downright perfect for the guy who's both, these humidors will keep his stogies in the finest condition, and if you combine it with the Professional Poker Set above you can save your future earnings and convince your guys to just bet cigars on poker night.

Or just give them groomsmen gifts to keep them always reminded of the experience - this Personalized Las Vegas Sign to hang on their wall. This classic sign can be personalized with the names of your groomsmen and yourself, and even the date of your wedding or bachelor party. It'll look great on the wall at your groomsman's bachelor pad or even relegated to the den when your buddy ties the knot himself. Let's just hope he decides on Vegas himself so you can have the Sin City experience all over again without the wedding stress for you!