Confessions of a Last-Minute Shopper

It's finally December and frostier than Spencer Pratt's beard. Seriously, what's with that thing? It's kind of like a milk mustache. Except a), it's not cute, b) he's not 5 and c) it's a goatee.

Since mustache Movember came to a close last month, I'm not going to delve into the mysteries of Pratt's frosty facial hair (at least, not for now). Nope, no Speidi for me. I have better things to think about - like holiday shopping and sports. I was super, nerdily excited to find out about these personalized NFL, NHL, and MLB sports signs. I'm one of those last-possible-minute, don't-know-what-to-get-you, so-I'm-going-to-the-gas-station shoppers. Now, not only are my groomsmen gifts done, my holiday shopping is nearly finito! If only I could find something for my sister.

When the Clock is Ticking, Look No Further than These Sports Groomsmen Gifts

football player.png

Finding groomsmen gifts for sports fans - a snap. Get something personal, something manly, something that says, "thanks for the saucy bachelor party." But finding holiday gifts for several people - girls, old dudes, children - is like trying to kick a field goal with three seconds in the game. The pressure is on. Every season, I stand in the center of the mall, blurry eyed and frightened, frantically searching for that ubiquitous "World's Best" sweatshirt stand. Everyone wants to be a World's best sister, mother grandmother, but I'm the World's worst gift giver. I made it a rule this year not to give anyone a mug or sweater with those two words, no matter how tempting or economical.

Thumbnail image for personalized-nfl-locker-room-sign.jpg

This year, thanks to these new sports signs, I have the World's Best present for my cheese head of a future father-in-law. Yep, he's a Packers fan and I'm a Chicago Bears fan. We butt heads once in awhile. Packers memorabilia hangs on every wall of his man cave. So does a 15-pound stuffed bass (my future father in law is an intimidating guy). With this Locker Room Sign, he can figuratively rub shoulders with the big boys of his favorite team. It's a handsomely framed collectible that will hopefully put an end to our rivalry. At least this season - because let's face it, there's a slim chance either of our teams will win SuperBowl!


Trust me, a reformed last-minute shopper, when it comes to sports fans, there's nothing better than personalized sports signs or personalized pub signs for groomsmen gifts and holiday presents. Shop GroomStand for all your gift-giving needs. And yes, you have to buy for your future inlaws - even if they're fans of your rival team.