(Courtesy of Tuxedos4u)

I'm a guy who lives in jeans. How do I begin to shop for a tuxedo?

Relax. Tuxedos and tailcoats are basically dressed up suits. They are fitted the same way. Traditionally, the size and formality of the wedding determine the groom's attire. Another important factor is the Bride's gown. Once these are decided, and maybe while you're shopping for groomsmen gifts online, browse some of the tuxedo pages on the web to see what's current.

How do I find my best look?

If your style is traditional, you'll be most comfortable in a classic tuxedo or tailcoat. Contemporary dressers may prefer more current colors and fabrics.

Should I rent or buy?

Unless you go to a lot of formal affairs or enjoy walking around in a tuxedo, you should rent. If your groomsmen are not rolling in wealth, consider renting their tuxes for them as groomsmen gifts.

What are the newest trends in formalwear?

While black endures as the groom's #1 color, navy & gray are gaining popularity for semi-formal weddings. If you feel a little more daring try Raffinati's Platinum & Bronze Collections. These metal colors are very hot with bridesmaids and these tuxedos will finish the look. Or just get groomsmen gifts of cufflinks.

Are formalwear rules different in the summer?

A black tuxedo is perfect in every season. However, fashion experts say white & ivory is best (and cooler in the heat!)

Should I wear a tuxedo or dinner jacket?

For formal traditional weddings, a tuxedo or tailcoat worn with matching formal trousers is preferred. A dinner jacket worn with formal black trousers is appropriate for a semi-formal wedding, especially in warmer weather.

How do the Ushers get fitted?

If your Ushers live locally, they can visit the formalwear specialist you've selected. If they are out of town, your formalwear specialist will supply measurement cards for you to mail them. Have the Ushers select a local store, go for a fitting then return the measurement cards to your store at least two months before the wedding. The tuxedo will be altered and ready for your wedding day. Same thing goes for groomsmen, if you can't get them to come tux shopping with you by bribing them with groomsmen gifts.