us_open.jpg Carl Spackler, better known as Bill Murray, just may have been spotted roaming around the 2009 US Open this morning at Bethpage Black. Was he looking for a tenacious gopher perhaps? Or just checking out Lucas Glover and David Duval's performances on the green? Either way, Bill Murray and a golf course is a recipe for mischief, be it blowing up the course entirely in 1980 or beaning a woman on the head with a golf ball as she stands in her front yard, just this last April. The US Open Golf Standings may be complete as of this morning, but a Bill Murray golf course sighting is not an out of place in one. In fact, you might even catch him at the hot dog stand with Michael J. Fox, handing out compliment after compliment, "I've never seen anyone hit it so well but miss it so completely." That doesn't mean you should miss out on the fun Bill's having! Bring a piece of the course to you (or to your groomsmen) and remind them that everyday is a day to work on their drive.
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