Baseball fans unite! This is the time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of bats, gloves, home plates and the seventh-inning stretch. If you can barely keep your focus on wedding favors and groomsmen gifts or taupe vs. beige wedding themes because you're too busy crowding around the TV with your buddies checking out the latest scores, you may be in the grips of baseball fever. If groomsmen gifts of World Series tickets are impractical, you're still not out of luck, though; if your future wife won't let you bring the baseball theme to your ceremony, you can still batter up with groomsmen gifts that honor this national pastime.

Try groomsmen gifts of tickets to a local game for all your buddies. You don't have to go all out and get box seats or anything, but if you're going for groomsmen gifts that are more experience than material object, at least spring for a round of cheap beers in plastic cups and a hot dog for everyone. Make it more about a great day out with your buddies, because groomsmen gifts can be broken, but a group picture of all of you with your team's mascot is a good time that lasts forever.

Maybe you guys like baseball so much you actually play the game yourselves - in that case, you need equipment to do it, so why not combine your groomsmen gifts with an excuse to get some new bats? They won't make you or your boys into Major Leaguers, but at least you guys won't have to fight over who gets the least chipped and battered bat when you give them groomsmen gifts of engraved baseball bats - you can get each one personalized with their names and even the date of your wedding if your fiancee's giving you guff on passing out groomsmen gifts as an excuse to refresh your team's equipment supply.

But let's face, eventually the baseball season ends, the winter comes and sliding into home becomes a lot less fun when it's on frozen ground at your local baseball diamond. So keep the spirit going all year 'round with groomsmen gifts of Rawlings Leather Accessories. These groomsmen gifts are great whether you're for richer or poorer, so offer to host at your place for the final game of the season and pass them out along with brewskis and Ballpark franks. Batter up!