Our current wedding world is all about “something old, something new,” and it's time to apply that statement to groomsmen gifts! Bridesmaid gifts have undergone many cool improvements over the past year, and it's time for groomsmen gifts to catch up. Below, we teach you how to put four new twists on classic groomsmen gifts.

Experience Groomsmen Gifts. A present that comes in a box can be cool, but why not turn it up a notch by adding some related quality time? You've been so busy with the wedding, no doubt what your groomsmen are really craving is some buddy time with one of their best friends. On that note, why not spring for a few of these baseball mitts, then invite the guys out for an impromptu game of catch? Fun and classic! Or, you could have them meet you at the swankiest new bar and surprise them with a round of cufflinks as groomsmen gifts. You get the idea.

Sentimental Groomsmen Gifts. Even big, strong men have a sensitive side, and secretly love spending time reminiscing just as much as women do-why else would you stay at the bar until 3 a.m. just shooting the breeze with the boys? At any rate, weddings are a great time to show that softer side and let your friends know how much they mean to you. So for groomsmen gifts, go above the average six-pack or sports jersey with a sentimental present or two. For example, a framed picture of your childhood Little League game or college graduation makes a great sentimental gesture. If you're feeling bolder, a nice cigar journal with a personal note about your friendship is another good choice. If you're a man of few words, simply personalizing your groomsmen gifts with monograms, messages or colors is a meaningful, easy and often free way to add a personal touch.

Escapist Groomsmen Gifts. Sometimes the best gift is an escape from the daily grind. If you are having a destination wedding, plane tickets are the greatest groomsmen gifts of all. But even if you are staying close to home, a night out in a neighboring city or a camping trip can be a great gift. Whether you choose Canada, Vegas or Mexico, or somewhere even more far-flung, these travel-themed groomsmen gifts are perfect way to keep your men prepared to party. If you don't have the budget for travel, an exotic book set like Alexander McCall Smith's Von Igelfeld series make for good escapist groomsmen gifts.

Metrosexual Groomsmen Gifts. If you've got a lovable but gruff bunch of groomsmen, tame their motley side tactfully with some metrosexual groomsmen gifts. Don't take their disheveled appearance as a sign of disinterest in hygiene. Groomsmen are often bachelors and may just need some re-acquainting with refinement in order to be nail-buffing, shoe-polished specimens of cleanliness. Presenting them with groomsmen gifts that emphasize grooming will help them feel good on the big day and beyond. Note: even if they grumble upon reception, don't let this get to you. Guys love using grooming products secretly, they just don't like anyone to know it!