Need groomsmen gifts for the guy you just can't quite convert to microbrews or Maker's Mark? Even if you secretly think wine is for wusses, remember he thinks the same thing about wearing a penguin suit and attending a sappy ceremony, so make peace with some wine-themed groomsmen gifts to celebrate your respective metrosexuality.

Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper and Pourer. First off in our wine-themed groomsmen gifts round-up is this stylish bottle stopper. Remember, like potato chips and Wheaties cereal, wine's only as good as the apparatus that seals it. Save your buddy the pain of buying a great wine only to have it go sour due to clumsy corking when you buy these bottle stoppers as thoughtful groomsmen gifts.

Personalized Red Wine Glass Set (Set of 4). Need groomsmen gifts for the wino who's more aspiring than accomplished? Help him graduate from the Tour de Franzia with this set of four personalized wine glasses as groomsmen gifts. Remember, in a classy enough glass, all wines look alike when poured. With these status-symbol groomsmen gifts, she'll never suspect her Kendall Jackson's is actually Three Buck Chuck.

Personalized Leather Wine Steward with Corkscrew. Need more manly groomsmen gifts to go with your merlot theme? These leather satchels provide a sturdy, unobtrusive wine tote perfect for camping or summer concerts. Not only does this clever compartment include brass grommets and a leather drawstring, it even includes a stainless steel corkscrew. Needless to say, giving these sacks as groomsmen gifts guarantees your guy never gets caught without a bottle-opener at a crucial moment. Psst, these groomsmen gifts are perfected when you personalize the matching leather patch.

Personalized Leather Double Wine Presentation Case. These portable groomsmen gifts are perfect for a night slugging in the park with buddies or a romantic picnic under the stars with a special lady. This cushy carrying case holds two bottles of wine, so your groomsman never has to worry about whether his girl prefers red or white. The suede-lined leather, stainless steel corkscrew, and slick design make these cases top-notch groomsmen gifts for the wine-lover on the go.