In celebration of the new GroomStand-approved tome Bachelor Party Confidential, here are some tips on the best groomsmen gifts to get for your guys to ensure that you'll have a bachelor party story for the record books yourself:

  1. If the bachelor party you're aiming for is less B.Y.O.B. and more B.Y.O.Scotch, make sure your guys are prepared by giving them personalized flasks as groomsmen gifts. Whether you're looking for refreshment on the way from the bar to the strip club, or just out of money for round six of Jell-O shots, you and your boys won't mind having the extra booze around and available.

  2. If you're really committed to a raucous good time, get the night started off right with a solid pre-game starring The Ultimate Bar Book. Wrangle a bartender buddy (or the one that's best at reading directions) and get creative with a few shots before you head out to the bar - just make sure the designated driver stays that way, or no one's going anywhere. Then show the unlucky D.D. some appreciation with an Ultimate Bar Book of his own in addition to the groomsmen gifts the other guys are getting.

  3. Make karaoke a unique experience for all attendants, whether they're in your wedding party or just unlucky bystanders, with groomsmen gifts of Personalized Steel Harmonicas. So what if no one can play? If you get kicked out of one bar, just move on to the next.

  4. Clear a path for your gang of groomsmen with Last Night of Freedom CREW t-shirts as groomsmen gifts. Don't forget one for yourself! One key to a great bachelor party experience is making it as easy as possible for the strippers to identify you.

  5. We're not saying you'll need to cut your way out of any inconvenient positions - but if it just so happens that someone in the party needs a pocket-sized knife, at least they'll be prepared with groomsmen gifts of personalized Yukon Lock Back knives.