Baseball-themed Groomsmen Gifts, Wedding Cakes, and More

baseball cakeWith spring fast approaching, the buzz of baseball will once again consume the hearts and minds of grooms and groomsmen across the nation. The spring season's warmer weather is also a popular time to get hitched. The concurrence is enough to strike fear into brides-to-be everywhere. Will he forget to get those groomsmen gifts because he's too busy glued to the television? It's a possibility. But don't lose hope! His devotion to his ball club doesn't mean he's not devoted to you and the wedding planning. He'll eventually remember those groomsmen gifts! Still, no form of shock therapy, no amount of clever distraction will be successful in getting him to forget about his club. America's favorite pastime is part of his genetic makeup, like that unusual birth mark on his back or his inability to pick up on those subtle social cues you're constantly throwing his way. Instead of tricking your groom into forgetting his second love(you will fail), make the game a part of your wedding. This doesn't mean you have to make every wedding activity related to baseball - just the groomsmen gifts and maybe the cake. Adding the sport into your wedding can be as extreme or as minute as you wish. What kind of fan is your mate? Scars from childhood attempts to tattoo his team's name into his arm or if he proposed to you at a home game are a sign you'll need to do a little more with baseball to keep him engaged in the wedding. Baseball field cakeIf a baseball-themed wedding is too much to swallow, then consider having the wedding cake include his team name. A baseball wedding cake would not only please your partner, it could also lighten the moods of your guests. Check out our baseball wedding cake hall of fame for a real feast for the eyes! A quieter and classier way of including the game in your cake could be in those cute baseball-themed bride and groom cake toppers. Or consider planning a baseball game as before the wedding or suggest the idea for his bachelor party. This can be a great way to get everyone attending the wedding acquainted, allow others to relax or unwind, all the while adding baseball to the your weddings docket of events. You'll need engraved baseball bats, leather mitts, and some baseballs. GroomStand Hint:These items make great groomsmen gifts. Check out other baseball-themed groomsmen gifts available at GroomStand all season long!