By Paula Felps

For a man to understand the way a woman views her wedding, it's important to realize that she has an expectation for every second of the wedding day, a plan for just how perfect each moment will be. This is why you see brides bursting into tears at some point during the big day. It's impossible to have that many expectations without having a few of them shattered.

Men, on the other hand, don't think a lot about what they expect from that day. If they get through the ceremony without themselves or any of the groomsmen passing out or passing gas, they pretty much view the day as a success, and there will be high-fives all around at the end of the ceremony.

Most of the men I know (or have married) spend much more time thinking about what they'll drink at the reception than getting ready for their big day. While their beautiful bride-to-be rises early to have her hair and nails done, the groom is sprawled naked in his bed, thinking how nice it will be to have breakfast made for him from this day forth. We can get to that unrealistic expectation another time.

For the typical male, "getting ready" for his wedding is done about 90 minutes before the ceremony. For the average woman, it begins sometime around the age of 4, shortly after she realizes that a pillowcase makes an excellent bridal train.

While you don't have to share your lovely bride's vision for her wedding day, there are a few adjustments you might want to make in your daily routine. Rather than jumping in the shower a few minutes before you're due at the altar and racing down the aisle with wet hair, try following these helpful wedding day grooming hints:


Renting or buying is not important here. What is important is that you take care of it long in advance. Have that tuxedo picked, fitted, and ready no later than a week before.


I know it's illogical, but it's Her day. And 'better or worse' doesn't start after the wedding. Unless you do this on a regular basis, get a manicure. It's a better experience than you'd think.


Do you have someone you trust? Get your hair cut no later than a week before the wedding. That day-of haircut says you're a last minute man. So does wet hair. Although you may want to have a barber shave your face for a meditative shave on that big day. This kind of activity incorporates you into the sense of ritual.

Bachelor Party Hang Over

You've gotten all other women out of your system, do you have the party - that celebrated that - out of your system?


Spare no expense. Everyone is judged on their shoes.

Congratulations and good luck!