As an Ordained Musician I have performed at many weddings. This Sunday, on Halloween, I will be taking on a new role at a wedding - Best Man.

This is new ground for me. As intimately involved as I have been with so very many wedding ceremonies, I have never been one of the groomsmen, let alone a Best Man. When my best friend, Max asked me to be his Best Man, I was truly honored. But it was more than a privilege to me - it was a responsibility - and one I took very seriously. After all, how many men really get to be a Best Man?

So I got right down to business. My first act as Best Man was to write a letter to the great Hunter. S Thompson, as he just may be the biggest inspiration that Max and I both share. I asked Dr. Gonzo if he would mind writing the speech for me, as I had no experience and it would mean so much to Max. I waited patiently. No response. I sent another letter, this time with a Max Koch original drawing of me on my hands and knees begging the good Doctor for assistance. I waited. No response. Perhaps the Wise Sage was teaching me a lesson, nudging me out of the nest so to speak. I'd like to think that, anyway.

On to the bachelor party.

Again, the responsibility with which I had been charged superceded reasonable expectations. The party quickly became a bachelor weekend that encompassed two movies (including the new David Lynch flick, again, another shared inspirator); several meals; Oktoberfest; the party itself which included a stretch limo, golf, another Oktoberfest and the requisite T & A; and, finally, a surprise visit to see George Carlin at the Costa Mesa Playhouse (yet a third person who has greatly influenced our lives).

I told you I took the responsibility seriously.

And now to the wedding.

As of this writing, the wedding is exactly one week away. I have not yet written the speech that is required of me. I have toyed with a few ideas, but, as I work well under deadlines, I will be here, in front of my computer, as the week draws to a close, writing what will be an opus of appreciation and respect that I have for my friend Max and his lovely bride-to-be, Nichole (who also happens to sing in my band, Laughing Place).

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have never been a Best Man, and the knowledge that I may never again be, that has pushed me to the very limit of Best Man-dom. Whatever the case, here's to you Max and Nichole, may you live happily ever after.