Bachelor parties are synonymous with alcohol. If you're lucky, those drinks will take you and your groomsmen stumbling to a strip club or casino. This is likely the way your father spent his last hours of freedom. It is undoubtedly the way your grandfather exhausted the final hours of his bachelorhood. But as enticing as a grimy strip club and an abundance of liquor can be, is it really all that different from your typical weekend affairs? For a thrilling "last night" without the traditional after-bachelor-party hangover, include some exciting adventurous sports activities into the mix. The 'extreme' bachelor party is gaining in popularity. Why? More bachelors want a party they can look back on with reverie. Bachelors want a party they can actually remember without having to look at the pictures of their limp body wrapped around a toilet. Adventure parties can be as involved as a weekend trip to an exotic locale or as simple as an afternoon of golf at the local municipal course. Whatever adventure bachelor party you choose, give yourself enough time to plan, budget and coordinate. This is the key to setting up a successful event. We've come up with a list of some adventure bachelor party ideas to take you away from the normal night of surly binge drinking:

Adventure Sports to Spice up the Bachelor Party

1. Skydiving

Skydiving is a great local event you can do in just an afternoon. Keep in mind that skydiving is not for everyone, and if you have a big group of guys attending, be sure to let them know in advance so your groomsmen can chicken out before you sign them up. While skydiving is fast and usually easy to find locally, it is also expensive. A tandem jump with a trained instructor can cost up to $500 per person.

2. Bungee Jumping

If sky-diving isn't available because of location or other conflicts, bungee jumping might be a more realistic alternative. It's just as insane and costs are almost equivalent to skydiving. Be prepared and know for sure if you really want to jump off a cliff before you walk down the aisle.

3. Water Sports

If you get weak in the knees at the thought of skydiving or bungee jumping, consider planning a day or weekend of water sports activities. A weekend at a nearby lake is perfect for summer or early fall bachelor festivities, and most of your groomsmen will partake in the waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing if you decide to rent a speed boat. Plus, those that aren't driving the boat can drink cocktails. That way, your groomsmen who can't stand the thought of an alcohol-free event will be satiated and so will you.

4. Mountain Climbing

Probably not the best thing to plan if your groomsmen have no previous experience climbing. Still, for those who have the equipment and the wherewithal, mountain climbing is a fun and exhilarating option for a bachelor weekend. For city dwellers, a more accessible climbing excursion can be renting out a climbing facility for a Saturday or afternoon.

5. Ski Trip

If you and your groomsmen are avid skiers, you'll agree that any excuse to get on the slopes is a good one. A winter wedding gives you just that chance to turn your bachelor party into a weekend ski trip. Don't have the budget for such a long getaway? Thanks to the boundless wilderness in the U.S., you can find ski resorts in most cities around the country.

6. Golf Trip

If you're not a thrill-seeker or just love the game of golf, make the party into a weekend golf outing. Plan a trip to a stellar course somewhere around the world, and turn your bachelor party into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A weekend at Pebble Beach will be something you and your groomsmen won't forget any time soon. Those on a budget can simplify their plans by making a local trip, as most cities have outstanding courses. If golf is your game and theirs, give personalized putters as groomsmen gifts to all your golfing buddies.

7. Motor Sports

The perfect event for the NASCAR lover. Options include renting out four-wheelers, go-karts, or even getting down and dirty on a real dirt Motocross track. Just don't forget to rent the helmets. And bring your NASCAR groomsmen gifts.