Let's face it, guys are pretty easy to keep organized: we've got our wallets and keys in our pockets, our watches on our wrists, and our schedules on the PDA. We don't exactly need big purses to carry everything, right? Still, we could take a lesson or two from our fiances when it comes to keeping all the little things together, like the cufflinks that end up scattered across the dresser and the business cards that get lost forever in random suit pockets. Here's a quick guide to keeping yourself organized - along with suggestions for groomsmen gifts to keep your guys from losing important things before the big day.

Use a checkbook holder. Man, at some point you have to get rid of your battered leather wallet that's coming apart at the seams and only has enough room for your driver's license. When you do, upgrade to a nice Personalized Leather Checkbook Holder and Secretary. Trust us, it's way easier to just carry a checkbook and use it, rather than trying to keep track of all your receipts for when you finally sit down at home and balance your checkbook. This has space for cash and cards, too, if you'd rather just withdraw a bunch of cash at the time and keep your bank account at a nice round number. Get these as groomsmen gifts for your groomsmen who always manage to get their accounts overdrawn. They might be resistant at first, but once they enter a world free of bounced check fees, they'll thank you.

Put stuff in a tray. We know, it doesn't make a lot of sense on the surface - take your clutter and put it in something else? Isn't that just transferring the clutter? But think of it this way, if all the stuff you need goes in a handy tray on your dresser like this Personalized Leather Valet Tray, you're much less likely to misplace your keys because you put them somewhere, or lose your watch because it fell off your dresser and landed in the space behind it. This is especially perfect for groomsmen gifts for your friends that are married or engaged - women just like seeing a guy that looks like he always knows where everything is, and has quick access to cufflinks for a fancy night out.

Get a toiletry bag. In a perfect world, you wouldn't need a whole bag for toiletries, because you'd be the Marlboro Man, right? Well, you're not. You have a comb, you have a shaving kit, you have hair gel, you probably even have a pair of tiny scissors for when the unibrow gets out of control. Ladies like a well-groomed guy, and you like the ladies, enough to marry one! When you go on trips, you can't just throw all your stuff into the side compartment of your ancient duffle bag, or you risk losing things, getting your toothbrush into unspeakable mysterious substances, or the dreaded open hair product disaster scene that'll ensure you never trust pop-top containers again. So keep all your manly grooming products together with the Personalized Deluxe Toiletry Bag. You won't have to go hunting for the stuff you need before you leave in the morning, and you'll keep the inside of your luggage out of danger. Get them as groomsmen gifts, too, especially if you're having a destination wedding.