Spider-woman Ensnared In Web of Love

Comic book superhero Tobey Maguire, aka the big screen Spider-man, recently wed his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Meyer in a quiet ceremony in Hawaii. If there's anything Maguire's learned, it seems like it's to be well-versed in keeping his identity and plans under wraps; the invited guests were the only ones aware of the ceremony, making it a paparazzi-free affair not often seen in the tabloid-crazed atmosphere of today. By keeping their nuptials quiet, Maguire proved that not all celebrities need to have their life on display - something most assuredly appreciated by his new wife Jennifer, who lived a life outside the spotlight until she embarked on a romance with Maguire.

What can Tobey teach us? Aside from gentlemanly discretion, it's that sometimes the classics are best - when it comes to destination weddings, Hawaii is popular for a reason. The ceremony took place on Hawaii's feted big island in Kona, and was attended by the couple's friends and family, including Leonardo DiCaprio and of course their nine-month-old daughter Ruby. The low-key ceremony was the perfect cap to Maguire and Meyer's equally quiet four year relationship, a cue to follow if your own engagement has been just as subdued.

If you're taking your future missus seaside for the big ceremony, consider Kona, and offer up groomsmen gifts of the No. 1 Passport Case. When it comes to avoiding the paparazzi, though, we leave it up to you.