A Movie Script Ending of a Marriage Proposal

If there's anything we can learn from the movies, it's that grand gestures are always effective - and if you've learned the best from the movies, why not get your grand gesture on in the theater? Follow the example of Warren Eberhard, our Marrying Man of the Month. When he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal, he did it at the very temple of celluloid where she was catching a movie with some friends, following the film up with one of his very own after the credits!

Warren created a five-minute video starring himself, his now fianc Tasha, and Tasha's daughter Destiny, backed by a soundtrack of "their song", Keith Urban's Making Memories. But movies can't make a big impact without an audience, so he called in several of their friends and family members to join them as he walked in after the credits and, as his movie played, got down on one knee and proposed. It took over a month of planning to coordinate everything with the theater, but Warren got the equivalent of a standing ovation for his efforts - Tasha said yes!

Be the leading man in your own marriage proposal movie by bringing some Hollywood dazzle into your plan and she'll never look at a dinner and a movie date the same way again. We're not saying you have to go all out, but class up your look with a nice pair of cufflinks and pretend you're Cary Grant when you pop the question. Once she says yes, bring movie star class to your wedding by giving groomsmen gifts of matching cufflinks to the men in the wedding party.

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