When John Salamone and Kristi Phillips first met at the restaurant where they both worked, they quickly knew romance was on the menu. Instantly attracted to one another, the pair describes spending every day together after meeting. No wonder the Coldplay song "Sparks" was the couple's choice for "their" song.

In fact, this song would play an important part in Salamone's elaborate proposal. After convincing Phillip's sister to get her out of the house for an hour, Salamone parked his car down the block and set the stage for a night of romance.

The result? When Phillips arrived home, she was greeted by an entry way of candles, long stem roses and a single note. The note said the bride-to-be was going to play a game. A trail of rose petals led her to the stereo, where their song was playing. The final note led Phillip's to the bedroom, where she got the biggest surprise of all. After reading the last note, Phillips turned to find Salamone on his knee, holding out a flawless cushion cut solitaire in white gold. The game was over and Salamone had won his prize: a lifetime with his lovely bride Kristi.

Having met at a restaurant, the happy couple might enjoy a personalized martini lounge sign as a wedding gift. Cheers to a life long "table for two!"

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