Baseball tickets aren't just for groomsmen gifts As the Yankees beat the Red Sox for the third time on the couple's romantic Boston weekend getaway, DC native Ed Lafayette knew his winning streak was just beginning. The evening before, Lafayette had employed an elaborate hoax with the help of a friend, who offered Lafayette and his girlfriend Sarah tickets for a "free boat ride" at 11 p.m. the next night. Clever! Such collaboration is certainly worthy of some nice groomsmen gifts ...

Despite their conspiring however, Sarah still thought the details sounded sketchy. Nonetheless the couple made their way to the Charles River the following evening. Sarah was right to think such an offer sounded unrealistic, though she was shocked to find the promised boat ride wasn't fraud, but pure fantasy. With a proposal this romantic, Lafayette knew a future of groomsmen gifts and wedding vows was in the bag.

Unbeknownst to Sarah, Lafayette had arranged for a romantic ride on an authentic Italian gondola, complete with wine, candles, and an accordion player.

As the couple sailed along, taking in the sweeping views of Boston and enjoying the melodic sounds of the accordion wafting through the evening, the gondolier pointed out the night's next clue: a wine bottle floating in the water. Instructed to open it, Sarah found the ultimate message in a bottle: the words "Will you Marry Me?" written on a scroll. Tip: wine-themed accessories make great groomsmen gifts and proposal props.

Turning to Ed, she caught sight of the gorgeous ring that sparkled even in the Boston night, and uttered a very excited "yes!" The couple spent the rest of the weekend relaxing in a four-star hotel, celebrating with friends, and watching the Yankees finish off their five-game sweep of the Red Sox. In the words of Lafayette: "It was an amazing weekend, to say the least."

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