Ever wonder how other guys pop the question? Now you can find out with GroomStand's exciting new feature, "Marrying Man of the Month." Each month, we will scour the world for the funniest, zaniest, most romantic or most original proposal, from celebrities to us regulars. The winner will be posted here for your viewing enjoyment. Bone up on these cautionary tales to learn what not to do, or maybe "borrow" an idea or two from a fellow groom. After all, we grooms have to stick together!

And now presenting Mr. May, "The Gambler" Mr. Raymond Suarez. How did Mr. Suarez catch our attention as we sorted through the best new groomsmen gfts to become the first ever Marrying Man of the Month? With a little gambling maneuver of his own! The inventive 27-year-old physician from Yonkers, N.Y., proposed to his then-girlfriend Maria Viller of Bronx, N.Y. in the Paris Hotel Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. As if bringing Paris to Las Vegas wasn't romantic enough, Suarez rigged (with the help of the hotel of course) an eight-foot-tall slot machine so that when the unsuspecting Lillar pulled the lever, the machine's reels spelled out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Cheered on by a crowd of Las Vegas showgirls and other slot junkies, Suarez dropped to one knee and proposed to Villar with a dazzling diamond ring. Added romance factor: The couple spent their first vacation together in Atlantic City, so this proposal was sentimental as well as inventive, a killer proposal combo! Way to go, Suarez, or should we say, quit making the rest of us look bad! Either way, Suarez is a champion gambler, as Villar responded with an enthusiastic "yes!" Congratulations, dude.

Steal Suarez's style: As a challenge to other gamblin' grooms, why not practice your own proposal poker face with our Professional Poker Set? We'd love to hear how some clever guy created a Poker-themed Proposal...

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