Google Co-Founder Ties Knot in Aquatic Style

Nothing says I love you like multi-million dollar investments! This month, Silicon Valley brings us a tale of romance, gene mapping, and swim-up wedding ceremonies, starring geek superstar Sergey Brin, co-founder of a little website called Google, and his new bride Anne Wojcicki, creator of an individualized genetic mapping service known as 23andMe, which proposes to bring personal genetic information to the people at dramatically low costs.

After several years of dating, Sergey and Anne were married on a private island in the Bahamas in a swim-up ceremony where guests either had to take a boat or simply swim up to the sandbar where the vows were exchanged. The wedding attire was casual swimwear, his in black and hers in white, with the unique ceremony taking everyone by surprise - not only were wedding guests unaware of the exact location of the wedding, even the bride's mother was amazed. "She said, 'Mom, I'm going to swim to my wedding,' " claimed Anne's mother, Esther Wojcicki. "And she pulled it off."

Not long after the wedding, Google announced their intention to invest $3.9 million into 23andMe. Now that's what we call spousal support! How to thank the Sultan of Search for allowing the masses to sound smart and educated in mere seconds? We think a nice computer-related wedding gift, such as this leather mouse pad, would be a nice choice.

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