Man Proposes To An Angel

Zipping around town in the Angel Limo. Groomsmen gifts hand-delivered by Giselle and Adriana Lima. Getting an up-close and personal peek at the million dollar bra. When you're proposing to a Victoria's Secret model, you've got a lot on your mind. These thoughts include staying in shape, recognizing that you're one of the luckiest men alive, and most of all, treating her like a queen. That's just what Drumline star Nick Cannon did when he popped the question to his future bride, gorgeous Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks.

After an evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala, Cannon and Ebanks were chauffeured to Times Square in a Rolls Royce. There, Cannon presented her with a twelve-carat diamond ring, getting down on one knee with the MTV Jumbotron flashing "Selita will you marry me?" in the background. And to think, some guys settle for just the Jumbotron and Rolls Royce! Reach for the stars, guys, and you may end up affianced to a Victoria's Secret model. Although not Selita, because she, of course, said yes. Average groomsmen gifts pale in comparison to the lucky groomsmen who gets to pull that garter off at the reception.

Unwilling to stop there, Cannon had her parents and best friends flown in to New York City to celebrate with them as they partied at hot spot Butter. The two of them caught a private plane back to Los Angeles that night to continue their celebration and get back to work, as the celebrity lifestyle comes with a lot of glitz, but also a lot of work to earn those twelve carat paychecks. Still, we bet Cannon's pals would be more than willing to sacrifice groomsmen gifts for a day on Selita's work set.

What can normal guys learn from this? We say when in doubt, bring out the blinding bling - whether that's through a pre-proposal party, four or five months' salary worth of sparkle for her ring finger, or a Jumbotron with the big question. If that doesn't fit your style or your budget, you can still learn a thing or two from Cannon by bringing her family and friends in to help the two of you celebrate. She'll love the gesture, and her friends and family will think you're pretty great, too. That can never hurt, right? For some blinging groomsmen gifts worthy of a Victoria's Secret model, check out Groomstand's cufflinks selection.

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