We know - shopping can be a painful process for everybody. It's not until you go to pick out a gift for someone that you suddenly forget every hobby they've ever had, leaving your mind completely blank as to what they might like. You end up coming up with gifts that are either lame or way too expensive, but it doesn't always have to be that way! If you're panicking about what to get for groomsmen gifts, calm yourself and consult this simple guide on how to easily shop for groomsmen gifts.

  1. Look at each groomsman. How does he look? If he's the clean-shaven, briefcase-toting, cufflinks-wearing type, then he probably doesn't need much help in that area. But if he looks like he rolled out of bed and grabbed the nearest pair of crumpled jeans from the floor and made only a half-hearted effort to find a clean t-shirt, then you may need to get your groomsman..well, groomed. Drop hints that he better look good for your wedding day with groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Leather Travel and Grooming Kit.

  2. Look around his house. Or apartment. Or hovel. What is it missing? If he's still using mismatched plates from the thrift shop, at least get him some matching glasses - no, not like juice glasses, we mean groomsmen gifts of a nice Set of Four Personalized Pilsner Glasses. If his apartment is so creepily free of personality that you fear he might be in the Witness Protection Program, give groomsmen gifts of a nice Rustic Picture Frame with a buddy shot of the two of you. Is his place practically perfect? We doubt it. No house is a home with a Personalized Pub Sign.

  3. Consult the lady in his life. Next time you go out on one of those couples nights the future Mrs. loves so much, pull his girl aside for advice on the best groomsmen gifts to give him. Women are great at this, and if you think he might stick with her for years, it's in your best interests to stay on her good side. Sure, she'll probably request you skip the Personalized Cigar Humidor in favor of groomsmen gifts that support his less smelly habits, but he'll thank you when you give him groomsmen gifts that don't start the umpteenth argument about whether a man can smoke in his own house or not. (Verdict: no, he can't.)

  4. Get him a wallet. Out of ideas for groomsmen gifts? Can't be bothered to think of any ideas in the first place? Get him a wallet. If he's more of a money clip guy, get him a money clip. Or just combine the best of both worlds with groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip Wallet. Sure, it's not the cleverest of groomsmen gifts, but you can get it personalized with his name, which makes these impressive groomsmen gifts even if you're giving the same groomsmen gifts to everyone. Just make sure you at least spell their names right, okay?