Do you have a history of giving pretty weak presents? If your idea of a fine gift is one you purchased at the drugstore on the way to the birthday bash, you may need a little assistance in the gift-giving department. Even if it hasn't gotten you into trouble in the past (and we bet it has), if there was ever a time to get good at gifting, it's now. Make sure your boys know you care by giving them the best groomsmen gifts you can.

Depending on how well and how long you've known your groomsmen, narrowing down a list of potential gifts could be easy or difficult. Since you probably know them pretty well, though, it shouldn't be so tough. You've spent enough time with these guys to have a decent idea of what they do in their time off, so simply think about how they spend their weekends and go from there. Try a putter for the golfer, a humidor for the cigar aficionado, or a pair of cufflinks for the high roller. If all he does is work, you can do something with that, too, just take your pick from this selection of executive gifts.

For the guys you don't know too well - your future wife's relatives, maybe, or your younger male relatives that you want to have in the wedding - just ask around, or offer to hang out with him doing the activity of his choice. This could make your shopping easy, especially if he decides on a trip out fishing or golfing. Even if it's something typical and unrevealing, though, all is still not lost. If he wants to go out drinking, for example, there's your answer right there - offer up a set of pilsner glasses as groomsmen gifts and you're good to go.

Still stumped? Think harder! If your guys are frustratingly free of all hobbies, you'll have to get more creative for their groomsmen gifts. In this case, you can go for the basics, the things that every guy needs. Sure, he probably already has a wallet, but how about an engraved money clip? Could he use a little more life in his bachelor pad? Throw a favorite picture of the two of you into a nice personalized frame. If the walls of his place are still bare even after he got rid of the unpacked boxes, offer up a personalized pub sign for a little decoration.

Finding decent groomsmen gifts is easier than you think. And hey, it could be worse - you could be stuck trying to find decent groomsmen in the first place.