Even though you're not single anymore, chances are one of your groomsmen is. Whether your buddies are swinging bachelors or searching for the right girl, they're probably going to get married eventually. Help the process along by skipping the personalized pub signs and getting them groomsmen gifts that'll help them be once a groomsman, but eventually a groom.

Sure, there are exceptions, but many ladies like their men kempt. If he's never caught with a five o'clock shadow, or even if he can't manage shaving every day, offer up the Eleven Piece Manicure/Shave Set so he can keep the facial hair in line. Great as groomsmen gifts for on-the-go guys, this kit has everything he needs to look good, whether it's for the ladies or for that next big business meeting. It even includes a toothbrush!

He'll throw his old plastic checkbooks covers in the trash when you offer up this sleek Leather Checkbook Cover. Serious marriageable guys are serious about money, too, and his dates will appreciate his style when he picks up the check. With space inside for cash, this checkbook cover works great as groomsmen gifts for the guys that want to impress.

Does his bachelor pad look more like a frat house or a freshman dorm room? Spruce up his dcor with a Leather and Pewter Picture Frame. It's customizable, like most groomsmen gifts are, but instead of his first name, get it embossed with his last name. That way when he does get married, he can neatly slot in and picture of himself and his bride. He'll at least have something classy to contribute to the home when he moves in with his new partner.

If he just wants to talk to girls in the first place, though, give him an ice-breaker with these Typewriter Cufflinks as groomsmen gifts. Clever, interesting, and unique, these cufflinks will help your groomsmen stand out in a crowd when they wear them at your wedding and elsewhere! Women will appreciate his individual style, and he'll like the easy conversation piece that adds a bit of interest to any suit.

Don't let your help stop with the groomsmen gifts, though - if there are single bridesmaids around, why not make an introduction or two? They'll fill the dance floor, at least, and with the right match, maybe someday you'll get groomsmen gifts of your own.