Okay, not exactly. Unless you're really devoted to your groomsmen, you're probably going to just get one gift for each guy and be done with it. But why not try out something a little different with a special addition to the groomsmen gifts you give each guy? Sure, Object of the Month gifts can be kitschy, but he's not going to be thinking about kitsch when he's opening up this month's shipment of fine imported cigars. Like the idea? Read on for ways to pull it off.

Beer of the month: Surprise them with groomsmen gifts of monogrammed beer steins, but don't stop there - with a year's worth of beers of the month, you can guarantee that there will always be something to fill it! Well, a twelve-pack's worth, at least - it's of the month, not of the weekend.

Fruit of the month: Bear with us on this one - fruit of the month shouldn't be your principal gift (or anyone's, for that matter), but if your groomsmen live somewhere cold, or they just like to keep their health up, try sending groomsmen gifts of fruit of the month along with an appropriately manly personalized pocket knife to slice it up neatly. The stainless steel blade can take anything from pomegranates to lychees, or whatever other mysterious fruit they send along.

Cigar of the month: Of course you've already got them the personalized cigar humidor - now make your groomsmen gifts a true knockout with an accompanying cigar of the month gift. Not only will they have a monthly delivery of Cuba's finest, they'll have a place to store extras to smoke when you come visit!

Wine of the month: For the serious connoisseur, indulge their passions with a four-piece wine set and a membership to a wine of the month club. Whether you choose to offer a bottle or a case, groomsmen gifts like this will keep them well-heeled for a year, sure to impress the women in their lives or simply ensure they have always have a fine beverage as a dinner companion.