Your wedding party is generally made up of groomsmen from every phase of your life, so why not get groomsmen gifts to reflect each unique friendship?! Read on for a full list of such life-stage groomsmen gifts below.

Childhood Pal. You've known him since you were six, so what makes the greatest groomsmen gifts for such a long-term friend? From ball games to Boy Scouts, you guys shared a boisterous youth together, so why not get him something you wish you had when you two were that age? For example, these high-tech Swiss army knives make great groomsmen gifts that would have come in pretty handy when you were camping in Cub Scouts together. Such adult groomsmen gifts will remind you two that no matter how old you are, there's nothing like new toys.

High School Buddy. High school was all about sports, and it wasn't unusual that your teammates became your closest friends. Show your team spirit is still in tact with some athletic-themed groomsmen gifts. For example, if you two were on the golf team together, personalized balls might make nice groomsmen gifts. If you were on Varsity Baseball together, a personalized baseball bat and mitt make better groomsmen gifts' choices. Go team!

The Strange Cousin. Inevitably in your wedding party, you will end up with one distant family member you remember vaguely only from bar mitzvahs and family birthday parties. Finding groomsmen gifts for such a relative can be difficult. You have a bond of sorts, but not quite the natural closeness of a brother. Still, this person is a part of your history and your groomsmen gifts should reflect that. If you really don't know the guy, the safest groomsmen gifts are ones that recognize your mutual ground. A picture frame with a shot of the two of you from when you were little, a favorite childhood book or game, or a certificate for the restaurant you two used to frequent for family events all make appropriate groomsmen gifts.

College Fraternity Brother. The fact is, most of your frat house friendship was a blur, so you'd like a chance to show your bro that you actually really do like him, hazing and pledge loyalty aside. You two went through the inferno together during Pledge Week, and you have gotten more blacked-out drunk with him than with any other friend on the list. Show your appreciation for these animal house antics with these Grand Pilsner glasses as groomsmen gifts. Bonus tip: These groomsmen gifts can be personalized for free, so why not add his frat house nickname for old times' sake?

Office Amigo. Your office pal is the one who talks you down every time you get hot-headed, the one who hides in the bathroom with you to avoid lunch with annoying co-workers, and the one who you watch Youtube videos with during-ok, all day. For getting you through the grind, impressive groomsmen gifts are in order. These Rawlings portfolios are the perfect groomsmen gifts to say, SThanks for not letting the man get me down.