Depending on the individual budgets of your groomsmen, your destination might either be a great excuse for a short vacation, or a major financial hit. Either way, your guys are traveling quite a distance to stand up with you on your wedding day, and that deserves great groomsmen gifts in thanks! If you're having trouble figuring out the best groomsmen gifts for your boys, turn to the destination itself for hints on what to get.

Hawaii: What can you get for your guys other than a pair of surf shorts along with a heartfelt plea that they leave the Speedo at home? We recommend groomsmen gifts that will remind them that they're manly men and better than metrosexual beach bums. Give them just what they need to impress the natives and spear some coconuts with groomsmen gifts of the Personalized No. 3 Knife. The ladies love it when a guy can whip out a classy initialed knife to slice into pineapple, and your boys will dig the convenience of having a decent blade of their own.

Napa Valley: Yeah, wine is great and all - but these are groomsmen gifts you're giving, not bridesmaid gifts. Let your future wife pass out bottles of champagne to her girlfriends, and do right by your boys with groomsmen gifts of hard liquor. After all, nothing says "thank you" like a big unopened bottle of Jack Daniels, and nothing says "no really - thank you" like urging a champagne-tipsy bridesmaid in the direction of your bachelor groomsman buddy. If your lady insists you offer your groomsmen gifts with more ceremony than a celebratory shot, box each bottle up in a nice Personalized Wine Box - then you can maybe even convince her you're giving vino rather than vodka.

Mexico: Live it up south of the border with your boys by offering groomsmen gifts of this Four Piece Cigar and Bar Set and you'll be taking the party with you. Pre-game at the hotel and carry some extra with you in the 7oz. Flask, which comes conveniently with a flask funnel so you don't spill a drop. This groomsmen gifts set has a cigar case, too, and an oval cigar cutter so no matter where you go (and even if you get kicked out after reaching the bottom of the bottle of tequila), you'll still have all the ingredients you need for a good time.

Italy: First of all, give every groomsman an Italian phrase book. In fact, have your fiance include one for everybody in a welcome basket - hey, they flew all the way to Italy for you, they deserve a welcome basket. Now follow that up with groomsmen gifts that'll help them fit in, because if you have an image of Italy as a country full of classy guys in tailored suits ready to steal your women, you're absolutely right (keep a close eye on your own donna bella). Class your boys up with groomsmen gifts of nice cufflinks, and make sure they're presentable with an Eleven Piece Manicure/Shave Set. They may not say so, but no guy wants to look like a slob on the streets of Milan.