Sure, you want to give your boys the best, but they don't want you to go overboard anymore than you do. They're your friends, but if you're trusting them to stand up with you, you can probably trust they'll be your friends still if you get them groomsmen gifts from the lower end of the price spectrum. It works just as well on the other side, too - if you have a higher budget, then get them the very best you can afford. They'll only be your groomsmen once, after all.

First, figure out your budget for each of your groomsmen gifts. You should keep it about the same for each groomsman, maybe slightly higher for your best man. It's best to get individual groomsmen gifts for all of your boys, considering they're all different guys with different interests, but there's no harm in getting the same gift personalized for each guy.

Here are a few suggestions for groomsmen gifts on each budget. More options available by clicking each link!

Under $20: Even if you're not rolling in money, you can still make your groomsmen feel like they are by giving personalized money clips as groomsmen gifts. A money clip always looks sleek pulled out of a suit pocket, and it's a great alternative to pricier wallets. For the businessman or the guy who never has a pen handy to write his checks with, offer a personalized ink pen.

$20 - $50: Have a little more to spend? This amount gets you groomsmen gifts like leather wallets and rhodium cufflinks. For the true class acts, try grooming kits. These are groomsmen gifts for the real gentlemen you know - if your boys fly first class and are never seen with a five o'clock shadow, they'll definitely be able to use gifts like these.

$50 - $80: For the MacGyvers you know, make sure they're ready for everything with high quality personalized pocket knives. They'll be prepared for anything from taped up boxes to overly long cables. Are your boys more likely to be spotted on the green than in the warehouse? They'll like personalized putters as groomsmen gifts.

$80+: Nothing's too good for your groomsmen! When money isn't an issue, offer up groomsmen gifts like leather office accessories, whether you want to give personalized notebooks and portfolios or classic saddlebag briefcases. Your fellow executives will get good use out of them, and they'll last forever, too.

Above all, keep in mind the power of personalization. Even if you get your groomsmen all cufflinks as groomsmen gifts, if those cufflinks are personalized they'll still mean more than any random set from the men's store. No matter your budget, it's easy to say thank you for standing up at the altar with you. Groomsmen gifts are the best way to remind them of your appreciation long after the ceremony's over.