If you are looking for Christian Gifts or simply more clean-cut presents for your conservative groomsmen, don't despair! Just because you can't buy them blow-up nurses and NC17 tattoos doesn't mean you can't still pick great groomsmen gifts that mean a lot to the recipient.

For can't-lose Christian Gifts, monogrammed bathrobes make a good choice. After all, your bachelor groomsmen are probably still shuffling around the house in their beat-up ragged robes from the '70's, so they will greatly appreciate the newer model that they will never get around to buying themselves.

Other good conservative groomsmen gifts include NFL money clips. After all, what could be more American than football and money? Like bathrobes, money clips make great groomsmen gifts that will subtly but significantly improve your friend's quality of life. Money clips are so much classier than wads of crumpled bills; even if your guy is carrying all ones, he will look like a high-roller! Tip: Groomsmen gifts to manage the greenbacks are beloved by conservative and liberals alike!

Looking for more rugged groomsmen gifts Rudy Giuliani himself would endorse? Try these manly pocket-knives. Great for camping or fishing, this thirteen-function tool comes in endlessly handy. Including a screwdriver, scissors and a nail file, this knife has something for everyone. Versatile groomsmen gifts indeed! Tip: give these out at the ceremony because you never know when scissors or a screwdriver could be useful!

Lastly for Christian Gifts or just in general, we have always thought pens make a classy choice. Your guys probably haven't gotten a truly nice pen since their grandparents gave them one for graduation, so why not provide them with these sharp executive groomsmen gifts? From signing checks to writing business notes, your friends will appreciate having the Bentley of pens in their breast pocket.

That's the end of our round-up. From reading these suggestions, we hope you have found that there are some great G-rated groomsmen gifts out there. Remember, even with more conservative chums, with the right gifts you can still put some "party" in wedding party. Cheers!