Athiesm isn't quite the full-time job that religion can be, which leaves guys like us plenty of time to indulge in all the seven deadlies. Okay, maybe not all of them, and not really to any detriment to our lives, but when you have Sundays free, why not spend them engaging in some good old-fashioned sloth? Here are the best groomsmen gifts for guys not overburdened with an excess of faith:

Personalized Velour Comfort Robe: Just because you're slothful doesn't need to be slovenly - when you lounge, you should at least throw a robe on over your boxers. Give these as groomsmen gifts and ensure that your groomsmen won't be confronted by irritated wives or girlfriends peevish about a guy's state of undress; after all, if they have to get up and put on clothes, it sort of defeats the whole purpose.

Personalized Hip Flask: Embrace your vices and carry your libations in your coat pocket with this sleek silver flask. Great as groomsmen gifts to take your buddies down the path of wickedness with you.

Engraved Silver Square Cufflinks: Keep your groomsmen looking good with groomsmen gifts of mirrored cufflinks. Every guy likes to shine, and anyway, who ever objected to a little pride?

Personalized NFL Can Holder: With a long Sunday stretching before you, why not combine all your sins? Give these out as groomsmen gifts and then invite your groomsmen over for one last day of football before you shack up with the new wife. Keep to the couch, eat too much junk food, and why not make bets on final scores while you're at it? We hear greed is good.

Stainless Steel and Leather Flask and Cigar Holder: Combine your vices with this handy groomsman gift that lets you and your boys have a great night out. Find your venue (a men's club, if you've got one local), and give these out as groomsmen gifts, keeping one for yourself. Ain't vice grand?