Want to ensure good groomsmen gifts this year? The key to gaining great groomsmen gifts' karma is to shine in the centerpiece of groomsman duty: the bachelor party. Indeed, when determining your overall groomsmen gifts grade, the bachelor party you put on to send your best friend off into married bliss will definitely be one of the most heavily weighted factors, so plan accordingly!

To prepare a perfect bachelor party for your guest of honor, it pays to consider his personal preferences. While speed-dialing your favorite strippers and cashing in another pizza coupon may seem like the no-brainer route to bachelor party heaven, a little more thoughtful approach will actually score you more points with your engaged amigo. After all, you want more than the usual scratch tickets and six pack for groomsmen gifts, so set the tone by going all out and planning your friend a unique bash he'll be bragging about for years.

  1. Consider his favorite hobby. Whether it's fishing, golf, or stamp collecting, find a way to work his favorite pastime into the big event. An all-day fly-fishing lesson is a great elaborate gesture, but something as simple as having on-the-green dyed beer is a touch that brings something special to an otherwise stereotypical occasion. Who knows, he may return the favor with personalized putters as groomsmen gifts!

  2. Find an unconventional way to celebrate his "last day of freedom." Sure, a lap dance is the traditional send-off for a single man, but trust us, there are plenty of other things he won't be allowed to do once he's married. On that note, why not try celebrating the end of singlehood in a less contentious, and just as fulfilling route? Stay up all night, wear your shoes in the house, drink milk straight from the carton, howl like monkeys in the yard..you get the idea. You will still have a great rebellious time without worrying the bride is at home pouring kerosene on your groomsmen gifts.

  3. Location is everything. A bachelor party in a bar is so pedestrian, but setting up a grass shack on a golf course or creating a tiki bar in a childhood tree house just smacks of personal style and flavor. Nine times out of ten, location is what separates a history-making celebration from a tired clich, so choose wisely. You could end up receiving your groomsmen gifts on a beach in Hawaii rather than at the local dive bar.

  4. Skip the life-risking antics. Even more disturbing than the misogynistic use of women is the increasingly dangerous "hazing" activities a soon-to-be groom is forced to endure to prove his ready-for-marriage mettle. Jumping off bridges, drinking disgusting concoctions, being dragged out into the forest.it's all a bit harsh a price to pay for getting engaged, and we think it's time to reign it in. The fact is, activities like that aren't fun, and they don't honor the groom in the joyful, respectful spirit that makes for a good bachelor party. Remember, you want your groom around long enough to actually give you those groomsmen gifts and that heart-felt toast.

  5. Stock up on stories. Although we think life-threatening activities go too far, that doesn't mean we don't think a healthy amount of embarrassment on the Big Night is appropriate. A hearty roast (preferably accompanied by a gong) is a bachelor party staple, so be sure to summon all your most poignant, hilarious memories of the groom to share in mischievous fashion. After all, these motley anecdotes are what brought you close, and once he's married, he will savor the memories of such high-spirited single adventures. Writing them in a book and burying them to be dug up ten years from now is a special touch that guarantees a future reunion. Remember, no amount of groomsmen gifts compares to the promise of lasting post-marriage friendship!