1. You have to learn his middle name eventually, so isn't it best if you can find it out under the guise of getting his groomsmen gifts appropriately initialed? The noble end might even make up for the fact that you're going to be calling him by his embarrassing middle name for the rest of your lives. Let's just hope it's something truly great like Francis or Ashley.

  2. If he still lives with roommates, he probably has to live with the unmanly struggle of sharing pilsner glasses or beer steins. Make sure he always has a glass of his own to help pound down the brewskis by getting these groomsmen gifts personalized.

  3. Ladies love a man in cufflinks. Ladies also love a man committed enough to gentlemanly dressing to have his cufflinks engraved. Combine the two for personalized groomsmen gifts to effortlessly get him the attention he wants.

  4. Nothing says classy like "if found, please return this flask to the appropriate drinker."

  5. It's easy to mistake one iPod for another - that's why you should get Personalized iPod Holders as groomsmen gifts, so your groomsmen don't have to deal with coworkers "accidentally" hijacking their back pocket record collection and wearing out the battery listening to U2's Greatest Hits.

  6. People are more likely to return a lost wallet stuffed full of cash if it's personalized with your groomsman's name, right? Right.

  7. They're only bachelors once - get them personalized pub signs as groomsmen gifts now before they get married and the wife decides the décor needs to be turned to all "shabby chic," whatever that is.

  8. Personalization makes groomsmen gifts unique, even if you're simply adding to his collection of humidors. At least he doesn't already have a humidor with his name on it!

  9. Is there anything sleeker you could give a guy than a personalized silver flask? Sure. You could give personalized groomsmen gifts of a Silver Flask and Zippo Lighter. That's right, Steve McQueen - back up.

  10. You are the one that gave him that stupid nickname in the sixth grade that's stuck around for the last fifteen years - you owe the guy some personalized groomsmen gifts that don't read "Trash Can Stan" (don't ask).