Everyone knows the expression, "you oughta be in pictures." Let's face it, there's a little bit of Hollywood in each and every one of us, right? We all have that buddy that sees the World Series of Poker and his eyes light up at those guys on screen. A pack of wild dogs couldn't pry him away from ESPN. I know you know this guy. Yeah, the one who wins a local poker tournament for a thirty thousand dollar prize, but he's still down eighty grand for the year. When you're shopping for groomsmen gifts, there is truly only one gift to give this particular 'playa' and that's the personalized Royal Flush Poker Wall Art. This is the best of poker-related groomsmen gifts (other than a pre-paid entry into the world series of poker), the one he absolutely shouldn't be without. In one gift giving instant you say to him, "hey I feel your passion, brother. Even if you're going to lose your family, your house, your car and your sanity...I know what makes you tick and I want to recognize you, my friend." What can say I care about my palsy walsy more than that? It's a gift for any occasion, really? It's perfect for groomsmen gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas presents or Arbor Day offerings. The artist that creates this personalized art has an entire process of photographing the image, then transferring the image to canvas via his paintbrushes and air brushes. He adds the personal touches of each individual order and voila! Perfect groomsmen gifts are born. Don't let another Flag Day go by without honoring this poker prodigy.