Once She Says "Yes," Come Back for Those Groomsmen Gifts!

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Shopping for groomsmen gifts when you haven't even popped the question? Shame! 'Tis the season for proposals. Glittery snowflakes, whimsical elves, marriage and merriment -- it's the perfect time to pop the question.

Yule time? No, it's jewel time. Before you propose, pony up and get a ring (proposing with an empty box like in "Knocked Up" is so not cool). Despite what that jewelry salesperson tells you, a giant rock doesn't guarantee a "Yes." No matter how dazzling the ring, if your proposal flops, she'll have to fib to her family, friends, and grandchildren for 50-plus years. No woman wants to make up a proposal story. Take our holiday proposal tips and once she says yes (she will) come back and see us again when its time for groomsmen gifts.

The GroomStand Take on Five Classic Holiday Proposals:

You'll need personalized wine glasses for the celebration afterwards, and possibly a rose and tuxedo.

Holiday Proposal 1: Buy personalized Christmas ornaments (those glittery globe ones) and have the message in the ornament read "Will you Marry Me?" Wrap it up and as she opens it, get down on one knee, ring in hand. GroomStand's Romance Scale: 5/10. She's likely to say yes, but only if you're wearing a tuxedo and have a rose between your teeth.

Holiday Proposal 2: Take her on a drive to look at Christmas lights around town. When she's ready to go home, say "I have one more thing to show you." Take her to the top of a hill (if you can find one) where you have Christmas lights that spell out "Marry me." Great idea. But we've never known anyone capable of spelling out words with Christmas lights. You could end up tangled in the lights like Clark Grizzwald. And this proposal takes a cheesy turn once the the groom-to-be writes out "Merry Me." GroomStand Romance Scale 8/10. There are too many factors that could foil the plan. What if an annoying younger cousin begs to go on the ride? Or some mean neighborhood kids take down the lights? But if you can pull this one off - it's nearly perfect.

Holiday Proposal 3: Hang the ring box like an ornament from the tree. After she opens the last present, tell her there's one more she needs to find on the tree. When she finds it and opens the box, be down on one knee. GroomStand's Romance Scale 7/10. This proposal lacks a little creativity. She'll know what's up as soon as you say, "there's another present hiding in the tree." And what if the cat decides to swipe the ring-box ornament? Or what if it simply disappears within the evergreen branches? You do realize millions of ornaments go missing in trees every year. And do not use this idea to present an earring set or necklace. If she sees a small gift box in the tree, she's going to assume it's a proposal. Holiday Proposal 4: If your long-distance lover plans to travel to your place for the holidays greet her with a proposal. Have friends and family hold up signs spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" as she waits in baggage claim. You should hold the "me" sign. GroomStand Romance Scale 4/10. Sure, it sounds romantic. But most people don't want to be greeted with a surprise proposal after they've been in flight for the last four hours. She wants to look her best in those proposal photos and would rather not be caught on camera with drool or eye boogers. If you're going to to do an an airport proposal like this, leave the camera at home.
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Holiday Proposal 5: Write down your most memorable moments with your sweetie - choose about five or six (hopefully you have that). Get a gift and write a sentiment that reflects each one. Arrange for a different person to deliver one present to her every few hours (Santa Clause, some Elves, an estranged uncle, future groomsmen - use your imagination). Deliver the last gift (duh, the ring) yourself and say: "these gifts symbolize the memories we've already made. This next gift marks the promise of memories yet to come." GroomStand Romance Scale: 9/10. It's a lot of work, but this proposal practically guarantees a yes! And you can give it your own personal twist with the gifts.

Congratulations on your up coming engagement (fingers crossed). If you use any of these ideas, let us know how it went over. And when the time comes, shop for personalized groomsmen gifts at Groomstand.com.