Why is golf called golf? Have you ever wondered that? Well the old joke goes that golf is called golf because the word f__k was already taken. While that is always good for a few yuks, mostly because they are both four letter words, it does remind us of the frustration that often seems to accompany the greatest and most difficult sport known to man. Look at these fantastic athletes that have mastered their own sports (think Jordan, Barkley, Sugar Ray Leonard) but are barely average in golf. Heck Barkley is such a head case that he freezes and hitches every time he swings now. There is a cure for these golfing blues that we often face and we hold the cure in the palm of our hands. Our cure comes in the guise of a Leather Golf Bag Accessory Caddy. They don't call this finest of groomsmen gifts a caddy for no reason. It's called a caddy because not only does this beautifully designed leather gift hold our tees and markers, which are must haves for the game, but it also holds the other must have for this crazy game...a two-ounce stainless steel flask, which makes it even better for groomsmen gifts. I really don't think that golf was meant to be played sober. Heck didn't the Irish invent the dang game in the first place? You know whoever did invent it didn't come up with the idea of whacking a little ball around a field and into a hole while they were sober. They were probably pretty good at it too. Remember, the more you drink the more holes you see. Give groomsmen gifts that give back. They'll need the help. I know Barkley does.

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