Baseball bloopers don't hold a candle to these hilarious wedding bloopers. What's with all the grooms fainting before the vows? If your best men pass out or extinguish a fire at your wedding, give them some top-notch groomsmen gifts to say thanks. The right groomsman gift makes that trip to the hospital seem a little less painful.

And don't show your fiance these outtakes until after the wedding. The last thing she wants to worry about is losing her veil or (shudder) teeth.

Gain a Husband, Lose your Teeth Grooms and groomsmen who get grossed out easily should not watch this video. We hope the groom already knew about her false teeth. That's one surprise that should be revealed before the wedding day. Wedding Day Falls and Fainting This compilation has some of the best wedding carnage ever caught on tape. If your guys are this clumsy, give them groomsmen gifts like first aid kits and bandages. A Groom Possessed We aren't sure what exactly happened to this groom but it makes one hilarious outtake. During the vows, a spirit takes over his body. Luckily, the "holy ghost" leaves before the minister announces them man and wife. Wild Wedding Moments From misbehaving ring bearers to out-of-control bouquet tosses, this compilation includes everything that could go wrong during a wedding.

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