Last week's episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia brought to light an astonishing male paradigm. According to the show, male crews must have several key members to operate successfully: the looks, the brains, the muscle, the wild card, and the token girl. If you don't believe it, think about the most famous male crews of all time: Seinfeld, the A-Team, Ghostbusters, Entourage, the Ninja Turtles, the Chipmunks, Anchor Man, Animal House, The Goonies- too many to list. It's impossible for a crew to function without some or all of these important roles. Where would Jerry be without George? And Alvin without Simon? Are you the "looks" or the "brains"? Sticking to the paradigm, here are groomsmen gifts that suit every guy in your group.

Groomsmen Gifts for "the Looks"

dennis its always sunny 2.jpg

Onlookers admire his cleft-chin and glossy hair. People stop and stare when he walks down the street. If you get into trouble, he bats his big blue eyes and you're out of it. Famous "the looks," include Dennis in It's Always Sunny and Dr. Venkman in Ghostbusters. Do you have one of these guys in your group? Get "the looks" groomsmen gifts that enhance his personal style. Men's grooming accessories or engraved cufflinks are perfect. If he's a narcissist (they usually are) personalize it with his name or initials.

simon chipmunks.jpg

Groomsmen Gifts for "the Brains"

He's super resourceful and gets you out of jams by crafting inventions in a drop of a hat. Famous "the brains" include: Leonardo from Ninja Turtles, Simon of Alvin and The Chipmunks, and Richard Data Wang of The Goonies. If your buddy is a brain, how about groomsmen gifts like these personalized pens?

Groomsmen Gifts for "the Muscle"

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Every crew needs one guy that can bench over 200 pounds. He's the guy who gets you out of deadly jams by lifting up a car or fighting three guys at once. Famous "the muscle" include: Mr. T of the A-Team, Champ Kind of Anchorman, and Raphael of the Ninja Turtles. Groomsmen gifts like this personalized lock back knife or engraved baseball bats are ideal for "the muscle" in your group.


Groomsmen Gifts for "the Wild Card"

Wild cards are the toughest crew members to buy for because you'll never know what they'll say or do. Unlike the brains, muscles, or looks, wild cards get you into jams. Examples of wild cards include: Charlie from It's Always Sunny, Kramer from Seinfeld, and Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock of the A-Team. We recommend not getting groomsmen gifts like knives or baseball bats for the wild card in your group. Play it safe with wallets, engraved barware, or personalized poker sets - again, you never know what to expect from the wild card.

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Attendant Gifts for the "Token Girl"

There's room for only one girl in every all-male crew. She's the April of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Elaine on Seinfeld, the PJ on My Boys, the Sarah Palin of the 2008 Election. Basically, she's just one of the guys - except she's a girl. If she's a true-blue crew member, ask her to stand up with you at the wedding. These days, it's perfectly acceptable to have female attendants. Get her an attendant gift that suits her tom-boy style, like a cute hooded sweatshirt or ask your fiance to help come up with ideas.

Once you figure out who's who in your bunch, it's easy to find groomsmen gifts! GroomStand has you covered with gifts for every member of your entourage.