Now that you found those groomsmen gifts, sit back and watch the worst wedding toasts of all time.

Is this a toast or a roast? When choosing your best man, don't forget that he is responsible for the wedding toast. With the pressure to be as funny as Dane Cook and as eloquent as Barack Obama, the best man probably feels more wedding-day jitters than the groom. If you think your best man will blow it like the boneheads below, refer him to the The Perfect Toast. It only takes 10 minutes to ruin a wedding. Don't let these bad wedding toasts happen to you!

I Have an Announcement.....the Bride is Pregnant

"The best man at a wedding I was in said during his toast, 'Congratulations to the new parents!' No one except a select few knew the bride was pregnant -- not even her parents!" ~ Via MSN Relationships

The Wedding Singer Not even the Wedding Singer could pacify Steve Buschemi's character in this clip. He grabs the mic and angrily divulges all his brother's secrets. Why the bad blood between these two? Did the brother skimp out on his groomsmen gifts? Warning: Best men and booze don't mix. The Toast Goes Down in Flames...Literally Miranda from Sex and the City tries to give a beautiful toast, but lights in on fire. We recommend you keep candles far, far away from your groomsmen. Nervous Best Man What made him so nervous? He's just giving a speech in front of 200 people. Oh wait...that's probably it. Best man tip: have a glass of wine before the speech. Only one, not six. And practice your speech a couple times beforehand. Improv - Never a Good Idea

Best men aren't the only ones that have trouble pulling off a perfect speech. This female groomswoman tries to wing it and ends up talking all about herself and mentioning divorce....twice.

Now that you've seen what happens when wedding toasts go horribly, horribly wrong, give your best men a couple of rules. Absolutely no talk of ex-girlfriends, stay away from booze and candles, and call the bride by the right name. To avoid a speech catastrophe, sign up for our newsletter and get a free personalized wedding toast. Remember, practice, practice, practice and you'll be a toastmaster in no time! And if you still have to find those groomsmen gifts, there's still time. Shop Groomstand for everything you'll need on the Big Day.