Shop by Mustache for the Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

It's Movember, the month of mustaches. Today, we examine three mustaches and what they say about a guy's personality. Is he an adventurer? An artist? A slacker? Just look at his stash! Once you figure out his personality, use this as a guide when your shopping for those groomsmen gifts.

Pencil-Thin Mustache - This fine mustache sits directly above the lip with a wide gap between the nose and the facial follicles. Famous wearers of the pencil-thin mustache include John Waters and Prince. If you have a pencil mustache you're likely daring, artistic, and possibly insane. Consider fashionable, but classic groomsmen gifts like engraved cufflinks or this pocket watch if any of your boys sport such a 'stash. Handlebar Mustache - Fist, get better acquainted with the handlebar mustache at the handlebar mustache club. By definition the handlebar mustache is bushy with upward pointing ends. Famous handlebar mustachios include baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers. Since this mustache takes hours to maintain, it says you're meticulous and very concerned about appearance. Personalized shaving sets are the perfect groomsmen gifts for your narcissistic, handlebar havin' buddies. Inverse Mustache (AKA the Abe Lincoln) - This fuzzy chin strap does not qualify as a mustache per se, but we like to think of it as an inverse 'stache. The inverse stache started with Abe Lincoln, in a vain effort to hide his weak jawline. These days, a Lincoln-eske chin strap says you're an adventure-seeking type. Groomsmen gifts like pocket knives and multi tools are perfect for scruffy, outdoorsy guys who can't be bothered to groom an actual mustache. Check back soon for more mustaches and more on what your mustache says about you. And while you're waiting, shop for personalized groomsmen gifts at GroomStand.