Poor Shatner Didn't Get a Wedding Invite; Be Nice and Beam Him Up Some Groomsmen Gifts!

Has William Shatner officially lost his mind? Here's a video of him ranting about how Trek co-star George Takei didn't invite him to his September 14th wedding to Brad Altman. Takei and Shatner have always had a tumultuous relationship. "Poor Man, there's a sickness there" Shatner says on the video. Maybe poor baby Shatner is just mad that he didn't get any groomsmen gifts. Boo hoo.

According to this article on CNN, Takei iand Altman invited Shatner but he never sent in his RSVP. Is this just another case of a wedding invitation lost in space? Or is there more to the story?

Here's Shatner on the Takei Wedding Snub: And here he is trying "settle the fued" (after Takei insisted he was invited):

We'll possibly never know the real reason behind the feud, but we're curious to know how it will play out. Was Shatner hoping for the coveted best man spot? Maybe everyone should pitch in and pacify baby Shatner with some groomsmen gifts from GroomStand. Long live and prosper grooms!