In college, I played Mario Kart for hours on end. Koopa Beach was no match for me. The rainbow bridge? A piece of cake (rainbow sherbert on top). Traversing through fantasy worlds in a tiny GoKart took the stress off finals. And I got to take out my road rage on roommates instead of real drivers. In Mario Land, problem drivers are solved simply by shooting a banana peel or turtle shell out the rear. If only things were really that easy.

Koopa kudos to Remi Gaillard, a French stuntman who, clad in Mario costume took to the open road - in a go kart. With a couple banana peels. Take a break from wedding planning, holiday stress, shopping for groomsmen gifts or whatever else you're doing and wax nostalgia with this video. It has nothing to do with nuptials or holidays and every thing to do with a dude's favorite game: Mario Kart.

Everyone loves Mario Kart. Ever meet a dude that doesn't? If so, let me talk to him. But watch out, I might be tempted to throw a turtle shell. This personalized vintage race car sign makes great groomsmen gifts for guys living the dream or still dreaming. In the immortal words of Luigi: Yippppeeee!