It turns out, riding in a hearse is more dangerous than giving out knives as groomsmen gifts. This week's wtf comes from "the Telegraph". Marciana Barcelos was killed by the coffin carrying her late husband, when a vehicle rear-ended the hearse she traveled in. The coffin slammed into the back of Barcelos, killing her instantly. Read the full story here. This is one spine-tingling wtf. A new widow, killed by her dead husband's coffin? It's almost too much. It seems like a twisted revenge plot from beyond, but we like to think he just couldn't stand the afterlife without his wife. And while we're on the subject of sad, the world's ugliest dog, Gus died this week. Sure, he was one ugly pup, but we can help but to have a heart for the underdog. Rest in peace, little buddy. For less depressing news, get into the holiday spirit with groomsmen gifts and more from GroomStand. If you need a drink after that wtf (we sure do) take a look at this cocktail shaker. And next time you go to a funeral, don't sit in the passenger side.