Submitted on Oct 24, 2007 Written by Sarah (fiance): When I got home from work on Friday, Will had our suitcases packed and sitting by the door. He told me that we were going on a surprise weekend getaway. He had already arranged for the dog to be picked up, so we left about a minute after I got home. We took off driving (I had no idea where we were going), and he said we were going to be in the car for a long time, so maybe we could stop in Nashville for some dinner. So after dinner in Nashville he turned the wrong way out of the restaurant- when I pointed this out he said he was going to turn around, and turned into the parking lot of one of the nicest hotels in Nashville- The Lowe's Vanderbilt Plaza. But instead of turning around he valet parked! He explained that Nashville was the place where we met each other (when I was at Vanderbilt) and so he wanted to bring me back here. He then led me up to one of the best suites in the hotel- I felt like such a high-roller! We even had to enter in a special key card to make the elevator stop on our floor! The suite was awesome! It had a separate sitting room and bedroom, and was one of only 4 rooms in hotel that had a balcony, and of course, ours looked out onto the Nashville skyline! Sitting on the table in our room was a bouquet of calla lilies and roses that Will had delivered. The card read " Je t'aime", which means I love you in French. The special part about this message is that it is the same message that was on the very first bouquet of flowers that he sent me over 5 years ago! He also had champagne and strawberries with chocolate sent up! The next day (Saturday) he had massage therapists come up to our room and give us both massages (awesome!). Meanwhile, everyone in the hotel knew who he was- the kept greeting him by name everywhere we went, and we also had the car brought around to us every time we wanted to go out - It was so cool! That night I was looking for something to wear for dinner and since Will had packed my bag for me, I had nothing nice to wear. So when I asked Will what I should wear, he said that jeans were fine, and I didn't need any makeup. In my head I was thinking "where in the hell is he taking me for dinner??" After driving around Nashville, he pulls up to the South Street Original Crab Shack and Authentic Dive Bar- the place where we had our first date! I understood now why I didn't need to dress up!! So we walk into this totally laid back place where they don't accept reservations and where everyone is dressed in jeans and t-shirts, drinking beer, and eating oysters on their wooden tables. Up on the second floor there was one table that had a fancy black tablecloth on it with Pinot Noir, wine glasses, and candles (all stolen from the nice restaurant next door). About this time, I was beginning to get the sentimental picture- he brought me to Nashville because it was the city we met in, we stayed in the Lowe's Vanderbilt Hotel which is across from the where I lived when we first me, he sent me flowers that had the same message as the first bouquet he ever sent, and now we were at the place of our first date.... I never knew a man could be so thoughtful! Unbeknownst to me, the waitress was in on the whole surprise, and Will had given her my camera..... so while we were walking out of the restaurant and crossing the street, Will stopped in the middle of the road, and grabbed my hand, got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and said "I love you, Will you marry me?" Of course I said yes! I was so flustered I forgot to give him my hand so he could put the ring on! He had to remind me to put out my hand! Apparently the waitress had told everyone in the restaurant the plan, so now the entire two floors of the restaurant were cheering for us and clapping. So then the waitress came out with my camera and I realized that Will had arranged for her to take pictures of the whole thing!! :) To top the whole night off, when we got back to the hotel, we went to the lobby bar to celebrate, and Will had arranged with the musicians to let him sing a song, so as I sat down at a table, Will went up on stage and took the guitar from the musician and said "I proposed to my girlfriend tonight, and I am going to sing her a song because I love her" He then sang the song "Forever" by Ben Harper. It was awesome! The next day (Sunday) we were going to have lunch and then head out of town. Will had planned one last surprise and had some of our bridal party that lived in TN meet us for lunch -his sister, Jera (my matron of honor), his brother in law, Kevin (groomsman) and our friend Matt (groomsman)- the guy we met through! It was a fantastic weekend! I am so proud that Will is going to be my husband! It means so much to me that he went through all this planning and trouble to carry out a wonderful weekend! Think you've got what it takes to win the title SMarrying Man of the Month? Submit your story today!